About Chicago Enclosures

In business over 11 years of excellence in fabrication and metal electrical manufacturing, Chicago Enclosures, a UL Listed company, prides itself on its superior products made using only the very best American-made materials and steels to create the highest quality products.

Each CE enclosure is carefully fabricated as per the exact specifications of our clients. We offer superior craftsmanship along with a knowledgeable customer service team to ensure your product and experience are the best in the Midwest.

Quality, Service and Speed.

And we offer not just quality but speed. At CE, we understand that time is a very important commodity for our customers, which is why we have quick turnaround times and can deliver orders in less than 48 hours.

Such distinguished service has earned us the respect and dignity that form the cornerstones of our identity. We also strive to maintain these values within our organization.

Responsability, Quality and Honesty.

We consider our promise to our customers sacrosanct, and our teams always follow an ethos of responsibility, quality, and honesty.

While maintaining its high standards, at Chicago Enclosures also understands its responsibility to give back to the community, the trust and respect it has earned over the years. That’s why we are committed to fostering inclusion and diversity within the company as well as engaging with causes concerning children and veterans.


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